Spring Has Sprung: Looxi Beauty Doll Haus Eyeshadow Collection

End of January means it’s time to really focus on the year ahead instead of the year past. What better way to do that than plan for spring? Especially when that planning involves making important eyeshadow purchases to match all the gorgeous blooming flowers!

Looxi Beauty is making is super easy this year with what MIGHT be my favorite overall Looxi collection of all time. I’ve been racking my brain all evening to try and think of another collection I loved more as a whole and I’m really struggling! The original Auroras, maybe? But I still think this wins.

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BH Cosmetics x ItsMyRayeRaye Collection is #GlowGoals

The second I heard Raye Boyce (@itsmyrayeraye) was launching a collection with BH Cosmetics, my ears perked up. BH’s last major collaboration with vlogger Carli Bybel was a HUGE success and I was immediately curious as to how they would top the quality and affordability of both Carli’s projects. I didn’t have to wonder long as Raye’s collection dropped right before the Thanksgiving holiday. I was set on supporting Raye so I ordered immediately and sat at my doorstep like a sad puppy until it came. Boy, was I in for a treat!

I’ll focus this post on my impressions of the palette as I have not yet washed (or tried) the brush set. I like to wash all new brushes before I use them because ain’t nobody know where those brush bristles have been! All I will say is they FELT amazing as I lightly brushed each one across my arm to check the softness and density. I have high hopes!

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Start 2018 off “Nude and Rude” with Karity’s 21 Color Eyeshadow Palette

To kick off my new year, I adopted the most adorable grandpa of a dog this past week, 8-year old Charlie. He’s an Australian Cattle Dog mix … I think. Growing up, I had cats, guinea pigs, a rabbit – everything EXCEPT a dog. I begged for a dog and my dad kept saying “some day”.

Now, at 26-years old I stopped saying “some day” and marched myself down to the Williamson County shelter here in Austin and brought home this big ole’ blob.

Because of my new sweetie pie, I’m going to try being more aware of makeup brand’s stance on animal testing. I’m going to begin supporting more cruelty-free brands because they support keeping animals like Charlie out of testing labs. With that said, I’m very excited to share a review with you of a new-to-me cosmetics brand Karity. All Karity products are Peta-certified CRUELTY FREE (*happy dance*) and 100% vegan. Karity kindly sent me their 21 Nudes and Rudes Eyeshadow palette and their E31 Tapered Blending Brush ($5!!!!!) to review and I’m here to say I’m about that #KarityLife.

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Are you ‘In Your Element’? NYX Cosmetics is ready to take you there!

The new NYX Cosmetics ‘In Your Element’ Metal palette is what all your metallic mermaid dreams are made of. NYX recently sent me one of six new eyeshadow palettes themed by naturally occurring elements. I was also able to snag the ‘Earth’ palette at The Makeup Show Dallas so check out that review if you are a fan of earth tones.

The ‘Metal’ palette features 12 metallic shades. Don’t pick this up if you are looking for an all-in-one, on-the-go palette as it’s missing matte shades. I’m perfectly fine with that omission as I have plenty of matte and/or transition shades just itchy to accompany this baby anywhere. I’m more impressed that these 12 shades are different enough to stand next to each other in a palette of this size and not appear similar at first glance.

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All the Fall Feels feat. NYX In Your Element Eye Palette in ‘Earth’

Austin has finally gotten the memo on fall weather! I’m so happy to be free of 90 degree weather you have no idea. I can officially create fall-appropriate looks without feeling like a complete fake in my tank and shorts!

I got my hands on the NYX Cosmetics In Your Element eyeshadow palette in ‘Earth’ just in time for the leaves to begin changing. Twelve gorgeous shadows in matte and shimmer finishes will quickly having you seeing pumpkin spice. Want to know my thoughts on this brand new palette? Keep reading!

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Younique’s new Royalty Exfoliating Mask is here to give you baby soft skin

I was SOUND ASLEEEP on Younique until Latricia from Milady’s Beauty Studio opened my eyes to their line of beauty and skincare products last year! I’ve had the chance to try their eyeshadows, lipticks, and more. But I’ve been most pleased with their face masks.


After giving their bubble, detoxifying mask a go last year, it quickly became a staple in my mask routine. Less harsh than Glam Glow’s mud masks, but still the perfect mid-week skin pick me up. Now, I’ve gotten my hands on the brand new Younique Royalty Exfoliating Mask and my life has changed. I’ve been using this once a week for the past three or four weeks now and I feel confident enough to tell you that I love it.

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Pumpkin Spice and Vampy Lips – Fall 2017 is Here!

In need of some creative inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.

September is an amazing month. At some point, the sun stops burning humans to a crisp on sight in Texas. Pumpkin spice mania revs back in to full swing courtesy of coffee shops everywhere. And it is socially acceptable for me to start wearing MAC Cosmetics ‘Nightmoth’ EVERYWHERE with EVERYTHING.

In case I ever wanted to expand my fall/winter lip liner choices, I’ve got my hands on the TOP beauty trends this fall from professional makeup artist James Vincent. Right this second, I’m in Dallas preparing to head into The Makeup Show Dallas where James currently serves as the Director of Artistry. I expect to be hearing more about these trends in the next few days of education, shopping, and networking! Here are James’ six picks for fall 2017:

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The Makeup Show is Taking Over Dallas

When your biggest dilemma is choosing between a Viseart blush palette and a Viseart contour palette, you know it’s a good day.

This was me last September when I stepped my foot into the door of my first The Makeup Show Dallas. When I found out that I was moving to Texas in late 2015, my first questions were, “Where am I going to live?” and “What are the closest beauty conferences?”

I’d been blogging long enough by that time to know that maintaining my makeup obsessed way of life was just as important as signing a lease on a place big enough for me to store it all! So by the time September 2016 rolled around, I was ready for The Makeup Show to land in Dallas.

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NYX Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipsticks

Is anyone out there a fan of the NYX Liquid Suede liquid lipstick formula? I’m on the fence – sometimes I’m a fan of the creamy, non-drying liquid lipstick formula. Other times I want something long-wearing that is going to last through a tsunami. I go back and forth.

NYX Cosmetics does the creamy formula reallllyyyy well. I rank them up there with the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip formula. Definitely my go-tos when I’m in the mood for the non-drying lip. NYX graciously sent me six of their newest liquid lippies in this formula and I had to immediately throw them on my lips. Their new collection is called ‘Luv Out Loud’. Each of the six lipsticks have empowering names like Brave or Passionate. Their website says the collection names are all “attributes we at NYX Professional Makeup find truly beautiful”.

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Rihanna’s New Makeup Line is Launching This Month

Singer, philanthropist, beauty & fashion icon Rihanna is launching her own makeup line and I don’t even know what to do with myself. Over the past decade, Rihanna has set herself apart with her bold fashion and beauty choices. She could wear a trashbag to the Met Gala next year and people would still go nuts! Speaking of Met Gala, if you missed her ‘pretty in pink’ makeup look from the 2017 event, you must have been living under a rock. It’s probably the most recreated makeup look of the year thus far.

So it’s only natural that this launch be an event in itself! The line, aptly named Fenty Beauty (Fenty is the superstar’s last name) will be debuting at Sephora and Harvey Nichols at midnight on September 8, 2017. The line will be available globally upon launch. Not much is known about the product offerings, but what little we do know is thanks to a flutter of sneak peeks released in the past few days by all parties associated with the launch.

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