Does POPWHITE Brighten Those Pearly Not-So-Whites?

Back in March, POPWHITE kindly reached out and asked me to test out their whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. I was totally down to try it out since the products claim to brighten using color science, not peroxide. I’ve had mixed experiences with peroxide in past – usually all ending in my gums being on fire. Beauty is not worth that much pain!

I don’t consider myself to have sensitive gums or teeth. I brush twice a day (most days). I floss and use mouthwash at least once a day. I go to the dentist faithfully twice a year. I don’t have any fillings and I have never had any major dental work.

I thought I might be a pretty good use case!

My only hesitation was my past experience with harsh teeth whitening chemicals. But POPWHITE promised to be different.

POPWHITE relies on a color science threory you are more likely to see in a salon today than anywhere else. Just as purple toner is used to cancel out the yellow in blonde hair dye, POPWHITE relies on their purple formula to whiten yellow teeth. Here’s what the brand says about the products:

“POPWHITE Whitening Primer is a multi-benefit toothpaste that whitens, brightens, polishes and cleans teeth while freshening breath with peppermint oil and reducing plaque and tarter. The Primer preps the teeth for POPWHITE Whitening Toner, a multi-benefit oral rinse that enhances dental whitening and brightening, adds sheesm deeply freshens breath with peppermint oil and reduces plaque and tarter. The Primer and Toner Power Duo should be used together, twice a day, every day.”

I began using booth the toothpaste and mouthwash mid-March everyday, twice a day for about three days, until my poor gums got so sensitive I had to reduce my use down to once a day. I didn’t change anything else about my routine other than adding in POPWHITE, so I assumed it must be the mouthwash. Even though the directions clearly state that results are best when using the duo twice a day, I couldn’t continue like that. Once I made that change, my gums and I were much happier.

The process to pearly whites has been much slower since I reduced my usage down to once a day, but it’s kind of a tortoise and the hare type of thing for me. And I’m completely fine being the tortoise.

I’ve seen minimal results, but there is just the slightest improvement. I will probably continue to use this product up, but unfortunately won’t repurchase. I fear my teeth whitening fate isn’t interlaced with POPWHITE this time around!

If you are interested in learning more about POPWHITE (and don’t have sensitive gums like me), you can check out their website at The duo is available for $36 (a $48 value).

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