Looxi Beauty Summer 2017 Shimmer Shadow Collection

Looxi Beauty recently launched the second part of their summer 2017 collection and it’s full shimmer goodness. I had the chance to play in some of the shadows pre-launch and this collection is everything I was hoping for from Looxi this summer. The collection included ten new Aurora (duochrome shimmer formula) shadows with shades ranging from lemon yellow to enchanted forest green.

The formula is consistent with previously released Auroras and might actually be a tad bit smoother on application. I always use a base with these – whether that is a heavy duty eye primer like Too Face Glitter Glue Primer or a concealer like the L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer – because the pigment is super intense and tends to fly all over the place on application. Gotta make sure it stays on my eyeballs like it should!

One of my favorite things about this formula is the intensity of the shimmer. There are a few shades in this collection (Juice, Rage, Savage, Misfit) that have intense duochromes and you can really see them change immediately in different light. However, the pigment intensity is just as strong with some of the subtle duochromes where you have to look a little closer to see a shift (Boujee, Cherub, Lemon). Of course the intensity can also be ramped up with a black base to give it that extra OOMPH!

My favorites from this collection have to be Lemon, Firefly, Boujee, and Juice. I never knew I could love a yellow shimmer as much as I love Lemon. And I blame this yellow kick on MAC’s Chroma Yellow that I just purchased and have used in pretty much every look since I got it in the mail. Lemon layered over Chroma Yellow literally makes my heart flutter. Look at my inner corner in the picture below and try and tell me it doesn’t give you all the yellow feels!

Looxi Beauty Summer 2017 Lemon, Afterparty, Firefly
Using Looxi Beauty Lemon, Afterparty, and Firefly on my lids from inner to outer corner.

Firefly (also seen above on my outer third) is such a rare shade that I’m really glad Looxi took the jump and made one. I have not seen an ingredient list for this shadow, but most red pigments contain ingredients that irritate the eye and are thus unsafe for use. This particular shade didn’t give me any trouble, but I’m not typically sensitive to different ingredients. And believe me, being a beauty blogger I’ve tried just about everything!

If you decide to pick up any of the Looxi shadows (or anything else), I’d be thrilled if you use my affiliate code SPENCE10 at checkout. You get 10% off and I get a little $$ to help continue bringing you the best in beauty!

Let me know in the comments below if there are any shadows from this collection you are drooling over!

Looxi Beauty Summer 2017 Lemon, Afterparty, Firefly

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