Affiliate Links and Sponsored Posts

Affiliwhaaaa!? Sometimes all this blogger lingo can be confusing right? Sometimes it’s helpful to provide context to some of this language to help you better understand how I come up with my content and how I decide what topics I cover and why.

Sponsored Product Review

From time to time, I do receive products from brands for the purposes of review. When I agree to review these items, I only do so if I can be completely honest about my feelings on the product in my post. No matter what my opinions are, I’ll always share them with you so you can read about my reaction to the product, see real pictures of how it looks on my skintone, and any additional thoughts I can share about the brand and my experience with them. In most cases, I am not monetarily compensated in addition to receiving a free product, but if I am, I will let you know in the post. Many thanks to all the brands who have sent me goodies to test it out. I’m proud to be your product guinea pig!

Affiliate Links / Codes

As my blog has grown, relationships with certain brands have also developed. I buy a TON of makeup and while I’m a fan of trying new things, 99% of the time I go back to what I know! As these relationships grow (in some cases, friendship), I’m sometimes fortunate enough to be brought in as part of their affiliate sales network. Being an affiliate means that for every sale I drive for their brand, I will receive monetary compensation. So if you are reading one of my posts and see “affiliate link / code” that is what I mean!

In some cases, if I do not have a code with a certain brand, I’ll offer the code of one of my trusted blogger friends such as DupeThat (K & L) or Our Beauty Cult (Ang & Em). I know that they are focused on providing their followers with the most honest reviews out there so I have no problem sending you their way. We are all in this together! If I provide the affiliate link or code for another blogger, please note that I do not receive any compensation for it. I do it out of love for them!

Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is different from a review because I’m being compensated to write a blog post on a topic (might be product related, might not), not just share my thoughts on a product. All sponsored posts will also be noted as sponsored at either at the beginning or the end of a post. I do receive compensation for these posts, but I only agree to publish them if I have final say in the post’s content. I will never post a positive review of something if I have never tried it myself. If I have never tried the product or service, I’ll only post objective information on the topic in question so that my reader’s can learn about the topic and make a decision themselves if they want to test it out. If I have tried the product or service, and I like it, I’ll let you know and add a link to the blog post where I have reviewed (if applicable). I’ll never do a sponsored post on a product or service that I tried and did not like or on a topic I don’t want on my blog. At the end of the day, this is my blog and I have final say-so!