Looxi Beauty Fall 2017 Shimmer Eyeshadows

On August 25th, Looxi Beauty is releasing 14 new eyeshadows in celebration of the fall season! I’ve been playing with them all and I’m going to focus almost exclusively on the shimmers because those are the ones I think are really going to make you all drool!

Looxi has been my favorite indie brand pretty much since they released their first collection and I lost myself in their gorgeous gunmetal shimmer ‘Pistol Whipped’.  This time around, we are looking at a collection that’s warm and fuzzy and can hold you close during your latest Netflix binge in front of the fire with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. Too specific? Maybe because that’s what I wish I was doing right now instead of staring out into a dreary sky thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

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Smokey Blues and Purples + Life Update!

Hello friends in the blogosphere! Long time no chat, eh? Thanks so much for working with me as I took some time away from Spence’s Beauty to move to a new apartment. I’ve moved something crazy like eight times in the past 7 years, but I have to say that this particular move and subsequent unpacking period took WAY longer for me than it ever has before. I thank you so much for your patience as I get back into the regular swing of things!

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Looxi Beauty Summer 2017 Shimmer Shadow Collection

Looxi Beauty recently launched the second part of their summer 2017 collection and it’s full shimmer goodness. I had the chance to play in some of the shadows pre-launch and this collection is everything I was hoping for from Looxi this summer. The collection included ten new Aurora (duochrome shimmer formula) shadows with shades ranging from lemon yellow to enchanted forest green.

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First Impression: Looxi Beauty Spring 2017 Collection ‘Mattes and Metallics’

Spring is right around the corner and Looxi Beauty is making sure your eyelids are bright and your cheekbone highlight goes from 0 to Mariah Carey (more on that later).  Looxi Beauty’s collection of 12 matte eyeshadows and four amazing metallic highlighters are just calling your name! More on them plus swatches below!

Looxi Beauty Powder Highlighter in ‘Honey’
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Upcoming Collection: Looxi Beauty Spring 2017 Matte Eyeshadows


The Looxi Beauty matte eyeshadow collection for Spring 2017 will release March 10, 3017. Each shadow will retail for $5 and will be available on Looxi Beauty’s website. Use affiliate code SPENCE10 at checkout for an additional 10% off. For more on affiliate codes, view my policy.

It’s time for another Looxi Beauty eyeshadow collection! But this time, Looxi is switching it up with ten brand new matte shades perfect for all your spring needs. With the last matte launch in fall 2016, Looxi revealed an amazing collection of reformulated mattes with a buttery pigmented texture. I expect nothing less than that this time and I’m excited to see how these will perform. In the meantime, let’s just all drool over preview swatches down below!

Looxi Beauty Spring 2017 Matte Eyeshadows

Looxi Beauty Spring 2017 Matte Eyeshadows
All photos credit @looxi_beauty on Instagram.
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Review: Looxi Beauty ‘Free Love’ Eyeshadow Palette

The Looxi Beauty Free Love eyeshadow palette can be purchased here. Use affiliate code SPENCE10 to save at checkout. More on affiliate codes can be found here.

Looxi Beauty is bringing groovy back with a new collection of shimmer eyeshadows inspired by the 1960s and ’70s! The twelve ALL NEW shades each have their own WOW factor, but there are several in particular that are ‘blow-your-socks-off’ worthy. Keep reading to find out which ones you have to buy NOW (+ pictures)!

Looxi Beauty Free Love Palette

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Get The Look: Top 8 Valentine’s Day 2017 Eyeshadow Picks

How is it February 2017 already!? February means Valentine’s Day and I’ve put together a few of my favorite pink/red/purple shadows so you can get your V-day on! These are perfect for date night or GALentine’s fun! Even if you are anti-Valentine’s, you have to admit that these shades do have that special something. If you want to ask one of these shades to be your Valentine this year, I will fully support. Check out my picks below!

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Review: Looxi Beauty Eyeshadow Collection “The Auroras 2”

One of Looxi Beauty’s most popular eyeshadow collection, The Auroras, now has another set of 12 shadows to keep it company in the top spot! Introducing The Auroras 2! These metallic shimmer shadows will bring out the bling in any special occasion … or occasional “Yes-I-made-up-my-face-just-so-I-could-stay-in” look. Looking for swatches on brown skin? I’ve got more pictures and a full review below! 

Looxi Beauty The Auroras 2

No recent changes to my Looxi obsession. If anything, the addiction has deepend with the addition of these 12 new shadows. This collection has everything for a warm gold/copper lover to a purveyor of bold, bright shades. 

Opening up my package, my eye was immediately drawn to Ultraviolet, a gorgeous pink/purple duochrome. That’s still my favorite so far! Next on that love list would be Siren of the Sea which reminds me of something Ariel would wear swimming around Atlantica in the pre-legs era. Seriously, the green would really play off her red hair! 

​Moving into the “nudes” (if you can call them that), the champagne nature of Aura fit in perfectly with the rose gold trend that’s booming right now. That’s something you can just put on your eyelid and run – nothing else needed. And I’d be blind if I said that Rockit didn’t drop my jaw immediately as well. This one is for all the copper lovers in the house! 

Formula-wise, these are all similar to the original Auroras BUT there is less product kicked up when dipping a dry brush into a pan. I still recommend spritzing a little setting spray on your brush before you use since that will help with the overall application and increasing the metallic nature of the shadow. I am missing one shade from the 12 pan collection, but I felt that with these 11, I had a good sense of the consistency of all the shadows in the collection. 

Looxi Beauty The Auroras 2

If you could only grab a handful, I would say go for my top 4: Rockit, Juno, Ultraviolet, and Siren of the Sea. These will cover your neutral and not-so-neutral needs. Some of the other colors – especially some of the neutrals – swatched a little too close for me to say you would need both. For example, Peachy Keen and Phoenix swatched within a half shade of each other. The same goes for Aura and Space Case (even though Space Case has a slight gold shift).   

Overall, another excellent collection from Looxi Beauty! And with the shadows selling for only $5, you really can’t go wrong. And save more money with my affiliate code SPENCE10 at checkout!  

Looxi Beauty The Auroras 2 Siren of the Sea

Wearing Siren of the Sea on my lid with Anastasia Beverly Hills Lucky Clover (from the Moonchild Glow Kit) on top to add a little more oomph.

Round Up: Looxi Beauty Shimmer Eyeshadows 2016

Looxi Beauty opened its virtual doors less than two years ago and in that time, I’ve racked up a crazy amount of Looxi products. The brand is undoubtedly my go-to for eyeshadows due to the great quality and affordable prices. I’ve done a roundup swatchfest in the past for the brand, but I figured it was about time to redo my swatches. What better time to do it than right before their blowout Cyber Monday sale! If you are eyeing any shades and wondering how they look on brown skin, take a peek below!

Looxi Beauty Shimmer Shadows

Looxi Beauty Shimmer Shadows

About the Swatches: In this post, I’ve swatched every Looxi Beauty shimmer / foiled / metallic shade I own. Some of these shades are permanent to the Looxi shadow collection and others were limited edition and are now discontinued. If you cannot find the shade on the Looxi website, it is most likely discontinued. Finally, there are some shades labeled with ‘2’ (ex. ‘Fireside 2’). These shades were a reformulation of the original shade and I have included them in my swatch so you can determine the shade you have (OG vs. reformulated). As always, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments! 

Get The Look: Favorite Eyeshadows for Winter 2016

Winter is my favorite season because I love being all bundled up! Whether that’s in my favorite sweater or in my favorite blanket, I’m all about being hugged up in some of my favorite things! However, my eyelids haven’t quite given up the dream of a colorful summer and they are having a hard time adjusting to the cold. So with that, I bring to you my pics for a much more colorful season than last year’s picks!


Juvia's Place Nubian 2 Egypt

Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 Palette ‘Egypt’
I’ve become a huge fan of this palette since receiving it for my birthday and this is one of my favorite shades! It’s very bold for winter, but considering that emerald green is considered one of the official colors of Christmas, I’d say you can get away with it. Juvia’s Place, $30.
Ultimo Cosmetics Persia

Ultimo Cosmetics Loose Pigment ‘Persia’
Ultimo Cosmetics pigments are among the first reviewed on my blog and they are still my favorite loose pigments. The quality, color selection, and fact that you can get a sample for $1 is mind blowing. But I’d say go with the regular size on this purchase, you’ll use it. eBay, $10.
Looxi Beauty Bohemian

Looxi Beauty Single Shadow ‘Bohemian’
Looxi Beauty is my favorite indie shadow brand. I have almost their entire collection and this one is a standout. It performs more like a pressed pigment than a shimmer shadow and a little will go a long way. For best performance, use over an eyeshadow base. Looxi, $5. (Use code SPENCE10 for 10% off)
Viseart Dark Mattes

Viseart Dark Mattes Palette ‘Blue #2’
Viseart shadows are my favorite high end shadow because  they are just as pigmented upon application on brown skin as they are in the pan. The entire Dark Mattes palette has become a staple in my collection and I use all the shades as transition colors on just about all of my looks. Sephora, $80.
Lorac Unzipped Unbridled

Lorac Cosmetics Unzipped Palette ‘Unbridled’
Lorac Cosmetics palettes are some of the most loved palettes by both makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. Their Unzipped palette is a rose gold lover’s dream. Even though the palette’s shimmer shades really make the product, I selected this shade because I love it for everyday wear. Ulta, $42.
Essence Cosmetics Metal Glam Sparkle All Night

Essence Cosmetics Metal Glam Single ‘Sparkle All Night’
I’m always here for any outstanding drugstore beauty product and I find some of the best hiding at Ulta! Essence Cosmetics foiled Metal Glam shadows are incredibly pigmented and I love this particular gunmetal shade as an alternative to the traditional black. Ulta, sold out. (Makeup Geek ‘Galaxy’ is similar, $5.)
Looxi Beauty Gravity

Looxi Beauty Single Shadow ‘Gravity’
‘Gravity’ is the duochrome sister to my favorite Looxi Beauty shadow ‘Urbane’. Since I’ve talked your ear off about ‘Urbane’, I thought I’d throw this one out there as a cool bronze alternative to the ever so popular gold eye / red lip holiday combo. This shade gives off some especially serious shimmer under twinkling holiday lights! Looxi, $3.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario Muse

Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario ‘Muse’
I’d be absolutely crazy if I didn’t include a shade from my most loved shadow palette of 2016. I love this palette so much that I really had trouble picking just one shade, but went with the one that was most used out of my palette. This is another shade that I can throw all over my eyelid and walk out of the door. No frills about it! Macy’s, $45.