First Impression: Sephora + Pantone Universe Correct and Conceal Palette – Medium/Dark

This year has clearly been THE year for concealer! Just three full months in, and the color correcting trend is in full force. Every major brand has either already launched or has announced a color correcting product/palette just like contouring ruled the year prior. With all these new products on the market, what do you chose!? To help you out, I’ve got my first impression of the Sephora + Pantone Universe Correct and Conceal Palette in Medium/Dark coming right up!

This concealer palette from Sephora is like a dream for makeup junkies. Only $50 for 15 concealers! You can play all day AND all night for that price making all your cream contouring dreams come true! 

From the jump, I didn’t have super high expectations for this palette. I thought the shades would be kind of dry, hard creams without much hope for seamless blending. However, this palette’s 15 shades are creamy and smooth to the touch – so much so, that I was nearly taken aback when I dug my finger into one of them the first time. 

First order of business – quality. Sephora branded products are really hit or miss for me and I think this is the only product I have that is sort of in-between. It’s average quality for me, nothing close to performing the way Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette works for me, but at the same time, it still worked fairly well! Since it was much creamier than I expected, it did end up creasing for me in areas with lines (like around my eyes and mouth), but held up nicely on the other areas of my face. 

The coverage wasn’t too bad either! The pans are definitely full coverage and it’s hard to sheer out color so use sparingly. I can really see this as a great resource for a makeup junkie looking to jump into the world of contouring, skin color correction, trying things out on herself or her friends. And speaking of friends … 

The shade range in this palette is incredible – and fully what I was hoping considering that it has so many pans. It covers concealer needs for warm and neutral undertones with a few cool undertoned shades thrown in. This is great if you are doing your friend’s makeup for a girl’s night out and need a basic palette that will cover a wide range of makeup basics (color correcting, concealing, contouring) and match a wide variety of skin tones!

I wouldn’t say this is going to replace my beloved ABH creme palette, but I am going to keep it to play with and use when I do my friend’s makeup. The more faces I practice on, the better my looks will be for you guys! If you want to try this product out for yourself, you’d better act fast since this is a limited edition item at Sephora

Let me know if you have any comments or questions in the comments below!

Sephora + Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal Medium Dark

Using the Sephora + Pantone Correct and Conceal Palette in Medium/Dark for undereye concealer, contouring, and covering hyperpigmentation on my cheekbones and around my nose. You can see some of the creasing in my undereye even after setting with powder.

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