First Impression: Glitter Elixirs – The Steven Universe Collection + Other Goodies!

If you are a fan of cosmetic glitters and have not purchased from Glitter Elixirs, you are missing out BIG TIME! I recently received my order and I wanted to share some swatches with you guys of some of the newer colors from the Steven Universe inspired collection! Keep reading for more pictures and swatches!

If you are a return reader to my blog, you will know about my latest obsession: glitter! If you are new to my blog, you are more than welcome to join with me in my fascination! One of the main reasons I have been purchasing a boat load of glitter recently is due to my love for the company Glitter Elixirs. Glitter Elixirs is run by Kennedy L. and she is amazing! She is so sweet and truly cares about her customers. The company recently launch a collection based of the characters and themes of the animated series “Steven Universe”. Now I haven’t watched the show (even though I am a huge fan of animated shows), so I was a tad confused by the glitter names at first! But it’s down on my list of “Things to watch on a rainy day”. Check out a couple swatches of some new products below!

Kennedy also filled my order with a bunch of sample sized glitters (comes with every order) so I can be dripping in glitter from head to toe! If you guys are interested in checking out Glitter Elixirs, you can purchase their products from their Etsy shop. Now I’m not being compensated in any way by this company, I just truly love and use their products and will continue to do so as long as Kennedy continues to be the sweetest person on the planet! Check out more pictures of my haul below!

HAUL! Glitter Explosion! Brand New Goodies From ‘Glitter Elixirs’

Glitter Elixirs are for those who just want to add a little bit of glitter to their lives. Literally, a little bit of glitter as these cuties come in tiny jars for a tiny price tag! You get 3g of custom mixed glitter for just $3. At this price why not try them all!?

I’ve just recently begun to experiment with glitter in makeup so I’m not a pro or anything, but it is fun and easy to mix up everyday looks with some sparkle! I found Glitter Elixirs as I was scrolling on Instagram one day and a gorgeous picture of some glitter lips caught my eye! After some major ooogling at the company’s gorgeous colors I found that the owner was looking for some help naming several of her colors so I had the opportunity to suggest a name AND SHE PICKED MINE! When I tell you guys I was thrilled, I was literally more excited than a kid in a candy store!

Because my name was picked, I got to select a few glitters to try for free (as a token of appreciation) so a few of these glitters I received for free. However, I ended up making a purchase from the brand a few days later because you gotta support small business (and because I couldn’t stop thinking about the color selection)! With all that said, I would totally recommend these to first time glitter users and experts alike. Even though I did receive some free, I placed a follow up order with my own money and I regret nothing! 

The glitter is finely milled, high quality that is safe to use with makeup. Just remember to be very careful when using glitter as it is very messy. So take your time! Maybe put down some paper towels on your desk/vanity before you use these so you don’t get glitter everywhere.

Glitter Elixirs offers both solid color glitters and holographic glitters. The solid glitters are incredible and show up beautifully on camera, however, the holographic glitters are a little more difficult to photograph in makeup looks. I’ll try my best to get some shots so you guys can see them in action!

If you guys are interested in learning more about Glitter Elixirs or purchasing any of their products, you can visit their Instagram @glitterelixirscosmetics . Right now, all glitters are sold out, but there will be a restock in about a week. You can also check out their Etsy page here. As you can see, I’m pretty stocked on glitter right about now, so expect a ton of looks with these beauties soon!