Holiday HAUL!

Happy HAULidays! I wanted to share some of my most recent purchases. I basically used Christmas as an excuse to buy new goodies! Read till the end for a special BONUS item that is super hot this season!

An extra special package that came in today! I CANNOT wait to try this color out to test its durability during a normal day of wear-and-tear.

ColourPop Cosmetics To Drop New $5 Matte Eyeshadows

You can’t deny that ColourPop Cosmetics has had a GREAT year. Their “Lippie Stix” (an innovative new name for lipsticks) and Color Shock Eyeshadows have been popping up in loads of Instagram posts and YouTube tutorials. What’s next for the fun-filled company? A collection of matte eyeshadows.

ColourPop Cosmetics made a Christmas morning announcement that puts Santa to shame. Fans of the brand will be clammoring for a collection of 14 all new matte eyeshadows dropping TONIGHT at 12AM PST (3AM EST). Known for their unique “is it gel? is it powder” consistency, ColourPop has made huge strides in the beauty world this year. These affordable, high-quality products are a must for your post-Christmas shopping list. What will you be buying?

MAC Bao Bao Wan

MAC is bringing out some pretty vibrant tones with this collection. Get ready for royal blue, deep purples, and elegant golds.

MAC’s collaboration with Chinese socialite and jewelry designer Bao Bao Wan is bringing us color! The collection appeared on MAC’s website earlier this year in one of a series of online collection release glitches experienced by the company. However, the items with a March 2015 release date have completely redesigned, limited edition packaging. So even if you were lucky and got it the first time, you might want to get a backup this time with the LE packaging. Check out more sneak peeks below!

Upcoming Collection: MAC Cosmetics x Isabel & Ruben Toledo

Forty-five, yes 45 items coming this February from dynamic duo Isabel and Ruben Toledo! Isabel is a Tony-award winning designer known for creating the First Lady Michelle Obama’s first inauguration look. Her husband Ruben is an painter, sculptor, and illustrator who often collaborates with his wife. With such an artistic background, I am expecting lots of fun and unique new products!

She is an avid promoter of a red lip. He is an avid promoter of whatever she wants. So it is safe to say we will see LOTS of red in this collection! MAC seems to be relying a lot on the popularity of the staple red lip as it just released the redRedRED collection this month. However, with 45 products, I believe it is safe to say these products will be completely different. As for packaging, will MAC keep the now-iconic black and silver bullet for the lipsticks? Or will they give collectors something to drool over? I guess we will have to wait until February 5, 2015 (January 29th online, February 2nd Nordstrom) to see what comes out! But if Ruben Toledo has his way, we will see some of his original artwork all over the new products. Take a peek at the design below!

KATVONDBEAUTY.COM is now a thing!

Previously only found at Sephora, this new launch allows beauty lovers to explore the world of Kat Von D like never before. From the woman who brought us the go-to ‘Kylie Jenner’ liquid lipcolor, Lolita. And one of the best full coverage foundations on the market … and concealer … and lipstick. Pretty much everything Kat Von D puts out is gold.

I have been patiently waiting for the expansion of Kat Von D’s beauty line for months. Since her collaboration began several years ago with Sephora, I have purchased Lock-It Tattoo Concealer after Lock-It Tattoo Concealer. I go through those like butter and eggs! Until now, there has been more supporting website separate from for the brand.

Today, Kat Von D launched a brand website called KATVONDBEAUTY.COM. While beauty lovers cannot shop directly from this website (it redirects to for purchases), you leave the site with a far better picture of the brand beyond the stark white and black color scheme offers.

The site is also interactive and features Instagram-user tagged pictures from some big names in beauty blogging wearing Kat Von D Beauty products. There are also some tutorials (mostly old ones) from Kat Von D herself on how she uses her own products. My favorite one is her eye tutorial using the Star Studded Palette. If you are interested in the look, check it out below!