KATVONDBEAUTY.COM is now a thing!

Previously only found at Sephora, this new launch allows beauty lovers to explore the world of Kat Von D like never before. From the woman who brought us the go-to ‘Kylie Jenner’ liquid lipcolor, Lolita. And one of the best full coverage foundations on the market … and concealer … and lipstick. Pretty much everything Kat Von D puts out is gold.

I have been patiently waiting for the expansion of Kat Von D’s beauty line for months. Since her collaboration began several years ago with Sephora, I have purchased Lock-It Tattoo Concealer after Lock-It Tattoo Concealer. I go through those like butter and eggs! Until now, there has been more supporting website separate from sephora.com for the brand.

Today, Kat Von D launched a brand website called KATVONDBEAUTY.COM. While beauty lovers cannot shop directly from this website (it redirects to sephora.com for purchases), you leave the site with a far better picture of the brand beyond the stark white and black color scheme sephora.com offers.

The site is also interactive and features Instagram-user tagged pictures from some big names in beauty blogging wearing Kat Von D Beauty products. There are also some tutorials (mostly old ones) from Kat Von D herself on how she uses her own products. My favorite one is her eye tutorial using the Star Studded Palette. If you are interested in the look, check it out below!

MAC Lightness of Being 

Release date: December 23, 2014 (online); December 26, 2014 (in-stores, North American only), January 2015 (internationally)