Review: Looxi Beauty Pressed Highlighter ‘Rebel Rose’ 

The Looxi Beauty pressed highlighter in ‘Rebel Rose’ launches October 14, 2016 at 12pm CST at Use affiliate code SPENCE10 for a discount at checkout. 

What happens when you get a new highlighter? You want to bathe your face in it, duh! And that’s exactly what I did when I received Looxi Beauty’s new pressed highlighter in ‘Rebel Rose’. I brushed it all over my face and loved every moment of it! Keep reading for more product pictures and swatches! 

Looxi Beauty is really outdoing themselves this fall with the release of 25 new eye shadows and a brand new highlighter in ‘Rebel Rose’. If you are a fan of the golden glow, you are going to love this! 

First, a word of warning, if you like a subtle highlight that shimmers in candlelight, this is not the product for you.

This product will shine near, it will shine far. It will shine where ever you are. Be careful walking around with this on because that sun could hit you just right and you are a just a glare magnet all of a sudden for everyone else! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

With that said, this is going to be an absolute killer shade for medium to deep skin tones. My fairer skinned friends, not to worry, you can totally rock this, just remember to use a light hand. If you are about my skintone (a few shades difference on either side), this highlighter was made for you! 

If you want to intensify this even MORE, spritz some MAC Cosmetics Fix+ on your brush after dipping it into the product before applying to your face. Your glow will go from 0 to 100 real quick! 

Below is a comparison of a few shades I thought would be similar on the skin based on the color in the pan. I think I was closest with another Looxi highlighter in ‘Divine’ (one of my all time favs) and Beauty Escape Cosmetics ‘Primma Donna’ both of which I highly recommend as well! I also tried out Wet ‘N Wild’s ‘Rose Champagne Glow’ and Ofra Cosmetics ‘You Glow Girl!’ but those weren’t really close at all as they are more cool toned once applied to the skin. 

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