Gold is the New Black: “Golden Goddess” Highlighter

Today, Earth got a chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse! A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun  basically blocking all the light and making it seem like nighttime during the day – for a hot second. I’m glad it was super short, because my highlight needed to be SEEN and the Moon was not doing it for me honey! If you, like me, have to have a blinding highlight, the sun is absolutely essential so buh-bye Moon!

Speaking of highlights, I have the golden highlight of all highlights to show you guys. It’s going to take more than a Moon to block this baby out. I was recently selected as one of B’ellegant Cosmetics’ representatives (yay!) and I’m excited I get to share some awesome new products with you guys from another indie brand I’ve been eyeing online for a while now. What makes it even more special is that B’ellegant is a black-owned & woman-owned business so we gotta support, right!?

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Skincare Series: Welcome to my new blog series! 

#NEWSERIESALERT The number one comment on my Instagram pictures is always about my skin! How do I keep it clear? Do I do anything special? What do I use on my face? How often do I exfoliate? And the list continues. So I thought I would keep a running total of my skincare escapades on my blog to chronicle the best (and worst) products I have tried in an attempt to maintain the most clear skin possible. Welcome to Spence’s Skincare Series! 

About my skin.

Skin Color: Deep

Ethnicity: African American

Skin Type: Combination (T-Zone) with dry patches on my cheeks.

Typical Outdoor Environment: Austin, TX is dry and HOT!

Typical Indoor Environment: Dry, climate controlled office space.

Best Thing About My Skin: With the right moisturizer, my skin is super soft.

Worst Thing About My Skin: I have dark acne scars that I would love to get rid of.

To kick things off, I’m going to tell you a little about my skin. Everyone’s skin is different so some things that work for me, might not work for you and vice versa. But beauty is pain so I’m going all in and throwing any and everything on (and at) my face to 1) reduce breakouts both hormonal and stress related and 2) combat hyperpigmentation and discoloration due to acne scarring from my crazy teen years. 

I’ll be posting about both products and treatments to kick things off and if there is anything you really, really, really, want to see don’t hesitate to request that I try something!

Are you a brand that wants to promote your skincare products or treatment? Send me a note at

Life Update: I’ve Moved!

Where in the world have I been!? Well, I’ve been moving from the East Coast to smack in the middle of the country! I’ve landed in Austin, Texas and you can keep reading to find out why!


Credit: Decor And The Dog

A couple of big life changes have happened for me in the last month! I got a new job in Austin, Texas so I moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Austin two weeks ago. I had a short amount of time to get packed up and get out here to start my new job as quickly as possible.

I appreciate you guys working with me as I don’t have a ton of free time right now to blog. I’m about half-way moved in to my new apartment and will be getting a majority of my items moved in next week. Also, with the holidays creeping up on me, I’ve got plans to ramp up posting again after January 1, 2016. I cannot believe it is nearly 2016! Where has the year gone!?

I’ll still be blogging sporadically for the next two weeks, but you can always catch up with me on Instagram where I’ll drop a majority of my updates.

Again, I appreciate y’all working with me! It’s almost my one year blogaversary and we know what that means … GIVEAWAY! Let me know what you guys want to see in the giveaway in the comments below and I’ll try and make sure something special comes your way soon. Smooches!

Get The Look: Purple Lipstick Collection 

I’ve decided to do side-by-side comparison swatches of my entire lipstick collection (divided into color groups)! To check out more swatches of my entire lipstick collection, click here.

Review: DupeThat Highlighters ‘You Dew You’ & ‘You Glow Girl’

DupeThat will release both highlighters in October in collaboration with a yet, unanamed brand. They will retail for $24.95, but will be a special price of $17.47 for all followers of @dupethat on Instagram.

Boy, have I got a treat for you all! The lovely ladies of DupeThat are set to release a duo of highlighters in October and they graciously sent me both to test out and share with you all. If you keep reading, I’ll share some of my tips on making a cool toned highlighter work on deep skin as well as a ton of pictures of both ‘You Dew You’ & ‘You Glow, Girl!’.

I cannot even begin to explain to your guys how I felt when DupeThat contacted me and asked me if I would like to test and review their highlighters pre-launch! In my head I was thinking, “UH … DUH! Yes I want to smear your highlight all over my face!”

I’m still in shock that they picked little old me to try their upcoming highlighters! This is definitely a highlight of my blogger career and a big thanks to them for making my entire LIFE! If you don’t follow the Queens of Dupes on Instagram, you might want to head over to their page ASAP. Tell them I sent you!

Up until I received the shades, I hadn’t seen that many pictures of the products on deep skin. In fact, I had only seen one and, to be honest, it made me very nervous about the shade ‘You Glow, Girl!’. The color is very cool and for someone with dark skin that’s a huge red flag when selecting a highlighter.

Most of us with dark skin either have very golden (very warm) to semi-neutral (kind of warm) undertones. This can make it tricky when dealing with rose or champagne colored highlights. They can make our skin look very ‘ashy’ instead of glowing.

I have several cool toned highlights that I rarely reach for because of this fact! However, I purchased them to share with you all in swatches or comparisons. With the introduction of ‘You Glow, Girl!’ into my highlighter collection, I’ve decided to revisit these shades and figure out how to make them work for me!

If you are going to tackle the challenge of wearing a cool toned highlight, let the color be the inspiration for the rest of your makeup. ‘You Glow, Girl!’ has a ‘pink champagne’ vibe going on so I paired it with a pink and plum themed eye with a shimmery pink champagne color on the lid. On my lips, I used a rosy nude colored gloss. Don’t try and fight the cool highlight by adding additional warm tones to your face! Your skin is warm enough to balance out all the pink shades which helps you fight the ‘ashy’ look we desperately try to avoid. Let them work together so you don’t have to!
Now let’s discuss ‘You Glow, Girl!’ specifically. Like I said earlier, it is cool-toned with a rosy champagne finish. The formula is a dream! If swatches like a Becca Cosmetics highlight (very dense, like a creamy powder). The finish of this one was shimmery, but not glittery. I love it for this time of year when you still want to glow, but you don’t want to look unnaturally warm since it is cooling off outside.

‘You Dew You’ is a peachy (emphasis on ‘peach’) gold that will definitely suit deeper skin tones. I knew that the minute I opened the package! The formula of ‘You Dew You’ has the same creamy powder consistency, but it has a tiny bit more glitter in it.  I figured this out when I was trying to take pictures and my camera kept focusing on the glitter and not my face! However, the glitter was less noticeable in person than on camera.

For my look using ‘You Dew You’, I went full on warm, suntanned glow because I love pairing gold with more gold. This will go with a ton of different looks and will look great on a wide range of skin tones. I really packed it on for these photos, but the color is buildable and you can add as little or as much as you want. I put on a ton so you could really see its true color in the photos.

I hope you guys liked this super sneak peek! Let me know your thoughts on these goodies in the comments section!

P.S. If you are wondering how these beauties compare to others already in your collection, check out my comparison swatches below!

These products were sent to me by DupeThat to test and review.
The above review is completely my own and a 100% honest representation of what I thought of the products.

Upcoming Collection: DupeThat Lipstick ‘Enchanté’

This upcoming DupeThat collaboration with a yet unnamed company is due September 2015.

If you are a beauty junkie with an Instagram account, I hope you are already following DupeThat. If you aren’t, I’m afraid you have committed a major makeup faux pas! DupeThat’s sole purpose is to find cheaper alternatives to pricey makeup whether the similarity be in quality, color, or both. With some upcoming products for Fall/Winter 2015 and the launch of their sister account, TheLipSwatch, the two DupeThat girls (who prefer to remain anonymous to keep the focus on the makeup) have stamped their mark on the online beauty industry. See more swatches of their upcoming lipstick, Enchanté, below!

Blog Update: New layout! 

If you have been to my blog before, you might have noticed a little change! I’ve got a new layout and a new design! Instead of having separate pages for different topics, I’ve combined everything into one feed for easy access to all the hottest news! I’ve also updated some other features so read on to find out more.

Looking for something specific? Search for it via the search bar on the top right side of the page or browse the tags to find posts on different topics. I’ve re-tagged all my posts with the appropriate topics so you can find stuff quicker! Because of the complete overhaul, I’ve lost all previous comments, but don’t let that stop you from adding your two cents on any posts past, present, and future!

My all new About Me page has got some more specific info about ME! So if you were ever wondering who writes all these fabulous, amazing posts (LOL!), you can go find out. If you have any questions or comments about the new layout, let me know in the comments of this post!

Also, there will probably be quite a few broken links in posts and those will continue to be updated through the end of the month. If you spot an error, please be patient and understand it will take some time to fully update everything.

I thank all my readers in advance for your patience with this update! I can’t wait to continue sharing ALL the beauty news with you!

GIVEAWAY! Win a $50 Sephora Gift Card!

With the Sephora Spring Sale winding down, your pockets are probably hurting after stocking up on your favorites! Let me help you replenish your beauty budget! I am holding a giveaway to celebrate reaching 750 followers on Instagram! Head on over to my Instagram page and check out the giveaway post to see the rules. Good luck!

Giveaway closes May 1, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST. Open to US followers only. No giveaway accounts!

Get The Look: Fun, Smokey Blue Eyes! + First Ever Video Step-By-Step

So this was super fun! Cool blue tones replace my usual warm summer looks. Step out of my comfort zone with me!

I learned a lot from the purple smokey eye I did earlier. I didn’t really like how it turned out so I went all out on this look! This smokey look ended up more grunge, probably because of all the cool tones and I totally went with it in my pictures. No fluffy curls this time! I totally embraced my messy bun. The cool tones on the eyes means I didn’t add too much color anywhere else on the face. For a full step-by-step, I filmed a Get Ready With Me video for you to see! Please give me your feedback on the video! I wanted to add some more fun into the mix of the written blog. Thanks in advance =)

Products used in this look:

On the brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow & Brow Wiz in ‘Dark Brown’, Benefit Gimme Brow ‘Brunette’

On the eyes – NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, MAC Prep and Prime Eye Base ‘Medium Deep’, Maybelline Great Lash, NYC Liquid Liner, Dollar False lashes

Eyeshadow – Morphe Brushes 35N Palette, Raving Beauty Cosmetics ‘Voyage’, Milani Cosmetics ‘Bella Navy’

On the face – ELF Mineral Face Primer, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, NYX HD Studio Concealer, Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powder, Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, City Color Intense Blush Quad

On the lips – Lime Crime Salem Velvetine

Get The Look:  Glowing Cheeks, Lots of Lip Gloss, and Golden Goddess Eyes

Last week I was blessed to be able to take a cruise with my mom! We visited the blue waters of Belize and the sunny skies of Mexico. After being in the sun for seven days, I am having withdrawal being back home in this 40 degree weather and I really just want to run back to the ship LOL! There was a bit of sun out today and I happened to have on a shirt I bought in Cozumel, so I thought I would put on a face to match my mood!

The one things I really miss was the glow I had in the sun! I just wanted to get that back so I used a ton of highlight on my cheeks. I used a few different colors layered so it would look more natural and dewy instead of “BAMM in your FACE”! Over my primed face, I used my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, which is matte. I used it because I needed full coverage and I don’t have a dewy foundation that matches me.On top of that, I brightened up my face with Revlon Liquid Bronzer on the high points of my face blended into the foundation with a stippling brush. I then concealed my under-eye area with some CoverGirl Queen liquid/creamy concealer. It gives me less coverage than my go-to NYX HD Concealer, but it isn’t as brightening and obvious on the face and that’s exactly what I was going for.

After powdering my under-eye with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, I packed on the highlight and blush! For blush, I used the BH Cosmetics Blush & Highlight Duo in ‘Tulip’. I used both colors and then, with a stippling brush again, laid down the lightest color from the Stila Creamy Convertible Duo in ‘Marigold’ to finish out the highlight.

Eyes are Raving Beauty Cosmetics and Morphe Brushes 35N Palette. Contour is CoverGirl Queen Cream Foundation in ‘True Ebony’. Lips are MAC ‘Chestnut’ liner with NARS ‘Dolce Vita’ gloss on top. Brows are Anatasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz & DipBrow in ‘Dark Brown’ (Always & forever!) and Benefit Tinted Brow Gel in ‘Brunette’. Mascara is Maybelline Great Lash and Too Faced Size Queen. No false lashes!