Review: Sola Look Flashdance Eyeshadow Palette and DepecheGurl Liquid Lipstick

Have you ever seen the ’80’s classic film Flashdance? I’m sorry, that’s a stupid question. How many times have you seen the ’80’s classic film Flashdance? That’s a much better question! Sola Look recently collaborated with Paramount Pictures to bring the movie to life over 30 years after its release in the form of an eyeshadow palette. If that wasn’t reason enough to run to Sola Look’s site right now, they also collaborated with the person behind the most envied lips on Instagram, DepecheGurl, on a namesake liquid lipstick. Mind going into overload yet? No? Ok, great then you can keep reading for my review of both products!

I first heard about Sola Look when CoffeeBreakWithDani was raving about the iGracias eyeshadow palette in one of her videos probably closer to two years ago now. I was immediately in love with with the shades and pigmentation as swatched by one of my favorite YouTubers. Then, when the iBesos palette was released, I fully embraced the bold colors. However, I’d never tried anything from the brand myself until I got my hands on their new eyeshadow palette inspired by the movie Flashdance and their DepecheGurl liquid lipstick. Thank you Sola Look for sending these to me to review!

Let’s tackle the palette first shall we?

My most coveted eyeshadow color is a rustic marsala and ‘Jeanie’ does not disappoint. I have to admit, I dug my finger into this so fast I made a dent with my nail. I was so unconcerned about swatching it, I disregarded all efforts to preserve the look of the palette! And ture enough, ‘Jeanie’ didn’t let me down! Swatching this shade and ‘Passion’ with my finger was deceiving because they didn’t come across as pigmented on the finger as they did when kicked up by a brush. When I applied both to my eyes, they were both pigmented and blended out like butter. I especially liked the way ‘Jeanie’ looked on my skintone. It was rosy, but still warm, and gave me a very natural look.

‘Alex’ and ‘Maniac’ were ready to be swatched from the jump! ‘Alex’ is a cool beige and I have to admit I spent a little extra time figuring out how to use it, but I ended up using it as a transition color under ‘Jeanie’ to really make that color pop! I also used it as a matte brow highlight, but really blended it to ensure it didn’t flashback as a bright highlight in pictures. I’m still trying to figure out the best use of this one in my collection so I’ll get back to you all on that!

Finally, ‘Maniac’ is your non-black-winter-smokey-eye  dream come true! Applied directly on the lid (over primer) gave me all sorts of Nutcracker feels and applied over a black base like I did below gave me that rich alternative to black that I love. Add some glitter or a metallic eyeshadow over this and wear it to a holiday party for a super sultry look.

Sola Look Flashdance Palette DepecheGurl Liquid Lipstick

Sola Look Flashdance eyeshadow palette on my eyes. DepecheGurl x Sola Look liqui lipstick on my lips with MAC ‘Chestnut’ lip pencil to line.

So let’s chat about this DepecheGurl liquid lipstick now! I was a little apprehensive at first about this color, but I’ve tested it with a few different lip liners and I really like it with MAC Cosmetics ‘Chestnut’ lip pencil. This shade is still probably a tad lighter than I would normally go for on my own, but if you are my complexion or darker and rock the hell out of an ombré lip, I say go for it! Alternatively, if you are of a lighter complexion that I am, this is a great neutral shade!

The formula is very smooth! It is a liquid to matte so it does dry down completely! I ate a turkey sandwich with this on (not super oily) and it stayed put. I also think this shade goes wonderfully with the cool Flashdance palette! It gives you the ability to go full on the eyes and balance with a neutral lip.

Interested in getting your very own palette and / or lipstick for yourself? You can purchase any of the Sola Look products I mentioned on their website!

The Sola Look Flashdance palette and DepecheGurl liquid lipstick were sent to me to review. This fact had no influence over the opinions expressed in this review.
Sometimes brands send me products in exchange for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate links or codes. For more information on my affiliate policy, please click here.

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