Start 2018 off “Nude and Rude” with Karity’s 21 Color Eyeshadow Palette

To kick off my new year, I adopted the most adorable grandpa of a dog this past week, 8-year old Charlie. He’s an Australian Cattle Dog mix … I think. Growing up, I had cats, guinea pigs, a rabbit – everything EXCEPT a dog. I begged for a dog and my dad kept saying “some day”.

Now, at 26-years old I stopped saying “some day” and marched myself down to the Williamson County shelter here in Austin and brought home this big ole’ blob.

Because of my new sweetie pie, I’m going to try being more aware of makeup brand’s stance on animal testing. I’m going to begin supporting more cruelty-free brands because they support keeping animals like Charlie out of testing labs. With that said, I’m very excited to share a review with you of a new-to-me cosmetics brand Karity. All Karity products are Peta-certified CRUELTY FREE (*happy dance*) and 100% vegan. Karity kindly sent me their 21 Nudes and Rudes Eyeshadow palette and their E31 Tapered Blending Brush ($5!!!!!) to review and I’m here to say I’m about that #KarityLife.

I love bright, bold makeup looks, but that’s not always a practical look. The 21 Nudes and Rudes palette is a practical palette. From the palette packaging and design to the color scheme, everything is expertly laid out for everyday wear. Starting with the packaging, the shadows are housed in an incredibly sturdy black heavy duty cardboard slimline palette. Per Karity’s website, the “cardboard” is made with shock-absorbing material so your shadows are about as safe as can be, making this the perfect travel accessory. This is the first time I’ve come across a palette that claims to save shadows in the event the palette is dropped or falls. I didn’t test this feature out myself, but consider this a great science fair experiment for the kiddos this semester. =)


Inside, we’ve got a great selection of lighter neutral shades plus a few deep cool purple and brown tones. I’m always a fan of the mauves and browns and the shades didn’t disappoint. I’m also happy to report that “Mittens” is an exact skin tone match for me so I can haphazardly apply it all over my eye for an even, daytime eye. Also, “Nell” is almost an exact dupe for Make Up For Ever’s “Pink Brown” which I love so much that I bought a single of it. The single is $17 and this entire Karity palette is $29. Talk about a steal!

There are a few shades in this palette I wish had more pigmentation on my skin tone namely “Indulge”, “Belle”, “Cargo”, and “Abyss” – all mattes. “Mittens” and “Nell” were the only two mattes that swatched, and applied, without fading into my skin. I didn’t have this problem with any of the shimmery or glittery shades. In fact the lightest glittery shades like “Unicorn” stayed pigmented throughout application and blending. I used a variety of brushes and only had minimal fallout on the brush and in the pan and I’m a pretty hard stabber with a pencil brush!

Using Nell, Mittens, Unicorn, Banshee, Witch, and Abyss from the Karity 21 Nudes and Rudes palette.

Overall, I think this palette performed very well! The shadows stayed put on my eyelids for several hours without turning into a greasy mess and I had a LOT of glittery shade combos going. I would definitely reach for this as an everyday option. But for a girl who goes for more colorful options when she goes out, I will probably get the most use out of the right side of the palette with the deeper, cool purples and browns. “Witch” was calling my name from the beginning and it’s perfect for a winter smokey eye. Smoldering Valentine’s date night look, anyone?

If you are interested in purchasing this palette (or any other goodies from Karity), I’ve got a discount code: spencesbeautyk10 that will save you some moolah!

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